Nigella Lawson's two-stone weight loss secret revealed: £295 sessions of hypnosis
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Nigella Lawson's two-stone weight loss secret revealed: £295 sessions of hypnosis  On top of exercise and portion control the celebrity chef has been undergoing regular hypnosis sessions with Susan Hepburn who counts Lily Allen as a client

Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson forgot to mention a key ingredient when revealing the secret of how she lost over two stone in weight – large helpings of hypnosis.

The self-taught cook, who has sold three million cookbooks, put her impressive weight loss down to the three Ps – pilates, a personal trainer and portion control.

But Nigella, 53, also had a course of £295 sessions with a heavyweight in the hypnotherapy world – Susan Hepburn, who counts Lily Allen among her clients.

Curvy Nigella visited her Harley Street clinic in Central London, where she was induced into a “relaxed state of consciousness” before being encouraged to eat smaller, more controlled meals.

As part of the hypnotic diet, Nigella – who included a recipe for deep fried bounty bar in one of her cookbooks – was encouraged to keep a healthy eating diary between sessions.

Soon the star began publicising her progress by uploading snaps of her unusually small meals to Twitter followers....
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